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Money For Traveling asked:

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and make money for sharing your adventures with the world? Using the web and a simple blog, this couldn’t be easier. There are just a few simple, yet hidden techniques for making a healthy income for blogging about your travels.

In fact, the number of underground travelers who hold no jobs, yet make cash for writing about their  travels is growing by the day. We keep our mouths shut about our techniques as we visit worldwide destinations and get paid for telling the world about it. I know there have got to be great people out there who deserve to travel and want this information, so I’ve decided to share a few of our techniques:

1)   Own Your Blog. Sites like Blogger, Myspace, and BlogSpot are no good for our purposes, because you can’t tweak the site to make a profit very easily. Instead, if you buy a domain for 10 bucks and then install WordPress, you now have the platform to make it extremely profitable.

2)    Utilize PPC (pay-per-click) to get started. You won’t make a massive income off of this right away, but you can easily make 5-10 bucks a day in the beginning. That may not sound like a lot… but it’s enough for a meal every day or a flight after a month, and the number only gets bigger as your blog grows in readership.

3)    Collect names and email addresses. You want to do this so that you can bring your readers back to your blog. Very few people ‘bookmark’ a site any longer, but if you email your readers every time you post a new article, you will grow your readership at an exponential rate.

4)    Offer an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) subscriptions. Don’t let this intimidate you. Setting this up is as simple as checking a box on your blog’s options. RSS is another way for your readers to keep up-to-date with your blog. Insead of you emailing them, their RSS reader of choice will automatically show them the newly posted content. The more they see your content, the better chance they’ll click on an ad (and therefore, the better chance you’ll get paid)

5)    Sell a product that will interest your readers. Once you are up and running, you will see your readership growing as well. Now it’s time to really monetize your site. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. This is simply taking a commission for any customer you send to another product (considering they buy the product). So, every now and again, make a blog post about the affiliate product you are promoting. When your readers see this, those who are interested will click on your ‘affiliate link,’ and if they buy, you get paid. Easy as that. Becoming an affiliate is always free, and there are thousands of products begging for active affiliates.

By the way, affiliate commissions are typically 50% to 75%. Gigantic, and very profitable.

6)    Create your own product. The only problem with affiliate marketing is that the product is completely out of your control and you only take a part of the cut. Once you have a bunch of blog posts, you can bundle them together and make an ‘ebook.’ Sell this to your loyal readers, and you’ll be surprised at how many of them will pay for the content they’re getting for free anyway!

There are bloggers out there who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for writing about their passions. My instincts tell me you’d be happy with a few hundred or thousand dollars extra per week, so start taking action on these ideas. They’re not complicated, they just require action. The best part is, once they’re set up, they can all be automated and can take place without your presence!


**Attention Readers**

To get your copy of our free step-by-step guide showing you how to make money as you travel without ever holding a ‘job,’ visit The expert authors at have all made a substantial internet income while traveling or they have been hired and paid well to travel the world and will show you how to do the same.

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Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site as long as you leave all links in place. You may not modify the content and must include our resource box as listed above. However, you may sign up as an affiliate at and insert your affiliate links to earn income for your efforts.

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Peter Lee asked:

The best links you should try to build for your best home business are definitely one way links. One way links are back links which link from another website to yours without any need for you linking back from your site. A lot of people with great home business ideas are unsure of reciprocal link exchange. Has reciprocal linking lost its value in search engine optimization?

Forget Traditional Reciprocal Link Exchange

Best home business owners have now realized that Google and other search engines do not favor the once popular traditional link exchange where webmasters used to just exchange links freely, mostly non-relevant ones. In fact it is possible that Google may well penalize those webmasters who have excessive non-relevant links using this method. Internet marketers are now resorting to smarter home business ideas to obtain relevant links for their best home business.

How To Get Relevant Links To Your Best Home Business Site

Traditional Way To Get Reciprocal Links

Most internet marketers with home business ideas are still adopting the time consuming way of relevant link exchange even though they may have advanced SEO tools to help them search for link partners. Once a relevant link partner has been identified, the marketer starts to correspond with the potential link partner to obtain agreement on the link exchange. The whole process can be exhaustive, as most of us including me have encountered before. It may be weeks or even months before a link partnership is formed. Sometimes, even the best home business webmasters do not reply to such requests or they are simply not interested or found your link not suitable.

There are many other best home business owners who create a reciprocal link exchange page inviting all kinds of websites to link to them. This approach may have some initial success for some marketers to obtain some relevant links. However it requires the owner with home business ideas to exercise good control over whom he approves as link partners. It’s a very labor intensive process and most of times, the webmaster may well just approve all link partners including non-relevant ones too to expedite a tedious task.

A Smarter, Easier Way To Get Relevant Links

Relevant Link Exchange – Recently there have been a good number of new sites who offer fully automated relevant link exchange services. They provide best home business sites with link exchanges with hundreds of totally relevant websites, which in turn increase their optimization theme and allow them to rank higher for targeted keywords they rank for their home business ideas website.

1. Select Your Keywords used in best home business – Once you have registered with the relevant link exchange, which usually offers both free and upgraded services, you will be asked to provide about five of your keyword phrases which you currently rank for your website. These keywords should be found in your website and well optimized too example home business ideas.

2. Website Description – The next thing you are required to do is provide a service category example home business ideas and one or two descriptions of your website or best home business using these keyword phrases. This will increase your keyword search engine marketing efforts.

3. Install Service Codes Into Website – Finally you will be given some html codes to install into your best home business website.

Once you have completed your submission for your top home business ideas site, the relevant link exchange with link partners is fully automated and you may start to obtain many relevant links from your partners without doing any real work. Over time as the registered number of websites increases, your links to your best home business site increase too along with your page rank.

As a registered member of the relevant link exchange site you can easily check from the website’s control panel who your relevant partners are, their page rank and if they fall into the keyword phrases category you have selected. A good relevant link exchange site should provide you with the capability to cancel any links with your partners for whatever reasons you may have, for example low page rank. You therefore still maintain full control of which website links to your best home business site and that is important.

Most of these relevant link exchanges will accord these back links to your best home business site only on a weekly basis to ensure natural link building growth and to avoid Google and other search engines deeming it as spam.. Depending on the link exchange you join, some of them provide your home business ideas site a link page listing out your partners in such a way that it appears as another natural page of your website.

It’s a simple concept that can boost your home business ideas, which may eventually get you many relevant links from similar niche partners who have similar keyword phrases. As it is fully automated, there is no real effort required and quite different from other link building activities. I think most best home business owners would welcome such services and agree it is a smarter way to get relevant links in order to rank higher in the search engines.

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Daegan Smith asked:

You’ve got a lovely house, a nice car, a cushy job, and people who love you but somehow you’re still not satisfied. You’re restless and you want something more from life. If so, maybe it’s time for you to become a home business opportunity seeker.

What Is A Home Business Opportunity Seeker?

Simply put, home business opportunity seekers are those searching for home business opportunities. In this case, there are two important concepts to understand: home businesses and opportunities.

Many people tend to think of home business in two ways; businesses that utilize domestic skills or online capabilities. Although most home businesses do subscribe to that, these are certainly not everything there is to them. There are also home businesses that require highly specialized or technical skills and creative abilities like fashion designing, jewelry cleaning, or electronic repairs.

Now, as far as opportunities in the home business front are concerned, you’d be pleased to know that there are a lot of business choices awaiting you. In fact, you can have the pick of the litter, and your success generally depends on whether you’ve made the right choice or not.

Is It Time for You to Become a Home Business Opportunity Seeker?

Here are several questions to ask yourself and find out if it’s time for you to leave your current business or job and earn a living in a new way.

Do you want to be your own boss?

Most home businesses operate on sole proprietorship, which basically means that you’re your own boss. Because many home businesses start out small, you’d not only have to answer just to yourself but you’ll probably have no need for more than one or two employees, if any.

If your current business or job still makes you answerable to someone else then maybe that’s one of the reasons why you’re feeling restless. If so, you have to ask yourself if it’s time for you to be your own boss.

Being your own boss means having flexible work hours and being able to make decisions, certainly, but it also comes with its share of risks, such as being accountable for those decisions you make and suffering the consequences of your mistakes. If, however, you’re ready for the good and the bad then yes, maybe it’s time to be a home business opportunity seeker.

Are you ready to take risks?

Home businesses may require little in terms of capital, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a risk-free investment. Home businesses would eventually require you to make some tough choices choices that will directly affect your way of living. Such instances can be exciting and frightening at the same time, but if it’s the absence of challenge that’s making you restless at work then yes, you’re probably ready to seek for home business opportunities.

Do you have a passion?

No home business succeeds if it’s not its owner’s passion. You’re probably bored with work because it’s not your passion. But even if you do switch occupational lanes and open up a home business, boredom will still be your constant companion if your home business isn’t your passion either.

In managing your home business, you have to be prepared to devote much of your time and effort. There will be instances when you’d have to work overtime, and no one’s going to pay you extra for that. But if your home business is your passion then you wouldn’t mind working extra hours.

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Is a Home Business Right for You?

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Robert Pickering asked:

Are you one of the many people who wake up and dread the daily drive to work? One of the thousands of people who dream of the day when they are not a slave to the alarm clock? Or are you tired of being in debt? Do you dream of a better house/new car?

Every time your boss tells You! that You! must give up Your! plans as some project must be completed, but he must go because he has promised to take his wife to some dinner party. You dream of the benefits of being the owner of your own home business.

Is this you?

Thousands imagine of what it would be like to own their very own successful business, financial Independence, and with that comes personal freedom, but few think of the sacrifices that have to be made in order to make the dream a reality, don`t let that be you.

Before you embark on any home business ownership, you need to ask yourself some important questions, but more importantly you need to be completely honest with your answers.

For a home business to work as with anything, you must be willing to put in time and effort. In this world there is no such thing as money for nothing. A home business will allow flexibility with your hours, provide you with more time with your family, and a virtually unlimited income potential, but you will earn only as much as the time and effort you put into it. A home business is a great choice for parents who want to stay at home, and earn money while their kids are at school. A home business can also be the ideal solution for somebody who works, but is looking to earn some extra money. Its up to you, “you” set your own agenda!

Have you the discipline to work contentedly on your own, at home, ignoring all the distractions the home as to offer. Don`t need others telling you what to do and when to do it, if so a home business could be perfect for you, enabling you to live the life you have always dreamt of.

The most important ingredient to succeeding when you start a home business is you! Have you the self motivation you will need to be able to push yourself especially when opportunities have not worked out. But with every new sale your enthusiasm will be reinforced, remember success breeds success, the opportunities are limitless.

The speed and level of success you reach will be mainly down to the time and effort that you devote to your new home business. Three key skills will come into play, your organisational, planning, and marketing skills, which everybody possesses to some degree, as your business develops, these skills will develop accordingly. Everybody suffers from setbacks time to time in their endeavours, even the most successful people still do, but they don`t dwell on them don`t you, just move on to your next success and you and your business will be much the stronger for the experience.

Now your the boss of your own home business, it will allow you the freedom to do many things that you would never have been permitted to do whilst working for that boss. Remember the time your baby was sick he would not let you have time off. You wanted to attend some event, again he would not grant you the time off. Now you own your own home business its not a problem, personal freedom is just one of the many great benefits of owning your own home business.

Owning your own home business means that you can take care of all your families requirements what ever they maybe. Your own home business will allow you and your loved ones the kind of lifestyle that you deserve. Remember at all times to stay positive and focused on your own home business, even if sales are not up to expectations, at times you may even hear negative comments from people you know, ignore their comments, these people just accept what life as given them, but you know you do not have to accept that, just stay positive and your home business will prove them all wrong and provide you with the lifestyle you use to dream about!

Robert Pickering is webmaster of Switchonprofits Work At Home Directory providing proven legitimate Home Business Ideas. To get a free newsletter providing top tips, and a complete guide to our opportunities available visit

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Daegan Smith asked:

So what are your prospects should you decide to start a home business? What type of business should you get into, who will be your market and how far can you take it? For many of us wanting to start a business we can run from home, it almost seems like a pipe dream. What we don’t realize is that given the right materials, market, skills and timing, we could take an idea, skill or hobby and turn it into a money-making machine.

What is a home business?

By definition, a home business is any money-earning venture that involves the sale of products and services strictly from a home setting. Virtually anyone can go into a home business, provided he or she has the necessary equipment, materials, skills and know-how required.

From chicken pot pies to massages and wine to virtual assistance to specialized services to MLM, home businesses have thrived and created an industry of their own.

Starting a home business

People will probably tell you that you should never go into business without passion. However, on the practical side, it’s wiser if you go into a business you understand and are ready for. It may be a small home business you’ll be running but it will still cost you in terms of time, money and effort. To ensure that you start a home business on the right foot, here are important considerations you should keep in mind:

Money, money, money

Assuming that you have the skills and training to start a business, consider your finances. Can you handle the cost of starting a business? Although there are home businesses that have been launched with next to nothing, you’ll find that there are certain expenses that you will have to shell out money for. These include equipment, registrations, advertising, even construction.

Granted that your bank account can handle the cost, consider if you have enough to sustain the business. This is to ensure that you can afford to buy additional equipment and materials or hire additional manpower in case you need to expand.

Your home business and the law

Most home businesses start as sole proprietorship or partnership. If you’ll be running your business with a group, you might have to apply as a corporation. Depending on the type of business you’ll be building, there may be permits and licenses required. Some businesses, for example, might even require you to have certifications or specialized training. Check with your local government for laws and regulations you might have to comply with.

Do you need insurance?

That depends on the type of business you go into. Generally, you’ll need insurance if you foresee you’ll need some sort of protection, either to cover for your products, services or for employees you will be hiring. Insurance can add to your cost but it can save you from huge expenses in case something goes wrong.

Advertising and your home business

Whoever said you don’t need to promote your home business doesn’t have an inkling how it works. First of all, the biggest challenge you will have as a home business owner is recognition.

There is still some sort of prejudice that many uninformed consumers associate with businesses run from homes. Your goal is to ensure that people see you as a professional with a serious approach and a business that has something reliable and valuable to offer. As such, you’ll have to put as much thought in your home business advertising as you would in a traditional business venture.

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Kozsun Huseyin asked:

Running a small home business can sometimes be more challenging than running a brick and mortar type business. We all have ways we operate, the things we do, and don’t do. These habitual patterns either hinder our small home business or serve us and bring small home business success.

Are there things in your life that you simply must do, to make that day feel like a proper day? Having a shower, brushing teeth, breakfast, or any other pattern? Our patterns can either serve us or hinder us in our small home business.

A small home business is challenging. You live at home, and run a small home business. You may not have to travel far to get started, however, you also have a good stock of self discipline. A small home business definitely gives us extra skills, and self discipline is one of the great skills a small home business can give us.

Results in your small home business will come with being able to make out better habitual patterns that serve us or hinder us. The home contains many distractions, which a person new to business may find that getting focused and staying committed in action to make things occure is a hard one to earn.

Television, radio, and the fact of being at home and running a new small home business is challenging for many people. One of the greatest ways to make headway in being able to take action, and committed to your small home business, is to create a separate place for your small home business.

You can create a separate – dedicated place for your small home business, by utilizing a spare room. This could have extra benefits in lower taxes, by having your business pay for a certain percentage of the utilities your small home business uses. This is not always the best way to go, as you might find having to pay extra taxes when selling your home. Though you will need to speak to your accountant to find out what is the best way to go about running your small home business at home.

All across the world people want to set up there own small home business, however, some patterns which stop people are, thinking about planning or excessive time in planning, or taking action but becoming discouraged, getting stuck in the dreaming without taking action.

When you can break out of your limiting patterns, those that get you tired, get you feeling bored, finding distractions, you can start to find the best patterns that make you successful in your small home business. For me being able to get up in the morning, be grateful for what I have, and look to what great things I can accomplish on the fine day, then I am able to do much more then if I was not including those patterns.

Your patterns a big factor in whether you succeed or not. Most people get what the uninitiated call it luck, others call dedicated action to a specific purpose, whatever you want to call it, some people find that it is at that point, they fail. Our own patterns of self sabotage can get in your way, stopping you from raising the ceiling, and achieving small home business success.

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